Page Canary is where the cutting edge in artificial intelligence meets browser automation.

We built Page Canary out of our frustrations dealing with quality assurance for websites. The web is constantly changing, new ways of doing things are discovered and that is what makes it hard to ensure you are delivering a high quality product to your customers.

We have experience working many large companies that deal with many large web properties and noticed patterns in quality defects:

Once a web/site app reached a sufficiently large size, it was no longer possible to confidently maintain and release it. It is too large for any one person to ensure quality. Bugs are going to happen. Defects that are transient that end up taking down production enviornments causing multimillion dollar outage.

Automated testing is good but it is very expensitve keep up with a rapidly changing codebase or website, it also doesn't verify your product in the state which your customers see. Dedicated QA testing is also very expensive to run and train but can deal with your product in the customer facing environment. Dedicated QA testers will also only track high value workflows.

Seen a lot of recources spent by companies trying to improve quality assurance. Not focusing on the end product that the customer is seeing. Page Canary addresses all of these issues and can help companies delivery much higher quality software to their customers.