Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Page Canary?

Page Canary is an autonomous QA tester for your website

Why is it called Page Canary?

Page Canary is named after the canary bird (opens in a new tab) which was used as a sentinel species (opens in a new tab) by coal miners to detect carbon monoxide (opens in a new tab).

We do something similar although with websites and much less danger!

How is Page Canary built?

Page Canary uses a combination of AI tools and browser automation algorithms for navigation.

How much does it cost?

Page Canary is $10 / month per bot.

Does Page Canary submit forms?

No, it does not currently submit forms.

Can I run this on multiple websites?

Yes, Page Canary supports as many website as you need.

Does it work with web applications?

Yes, Page Canary can perform well on web applications. If there are unique requirements for your application such as authenitcation, please contact us.

Can I run Page Canary on my own hardware or network?

Yes, it is possible to run the Page Canary software in your own hardware and intranet.

Please get in touch with us to discuss further.

How do I know that the requests came from Page Canary?

We set a user agent of Page Canary which can be used to identify the bot.

Got a question?

Email: hello@n34t.com