Page Canary


An artificial intelligence powered quality assurance solution for websites.


Software issues cost the industry trillions of dollars per year (opens in a new tab). Software issues are unavoidable in the long term. Eventually something will break. The solution to this is quality assurance.

Quality assurance in software applications is costly in terms of both time and money. This is particularly challenging for applications hosted on the web which need to link to others and use external resources.

Common website issues include:

  • Links
    • External links can be moved or break over time
  • Performance
    • Websites can slowly bloat and lead to a degrated performance experience over time.
  • Spelling
    • Spelling and grammar errors can be ramped for websites that do not use a content manager with these tools built in.
  • SSL
    • SSL ceritficates need to be renewed or users will not be able to access the site.

Many websites today rely on their users to report problems. This can lead to a variety of negative consequences.

  1. Production errors can remain uncaught for a long time.
  2. Users lose trust.
  3. The customer experience is depreciated.

Hiring a dedicated QA professional is very expensive. It can range upwards of $100,000/yr (opens in a new tab) to hire a QA professional full time.

Automated tests are another solution. However these require an software engineer to create and maintain is very expensive. Automated tests will also not capture how users interact with your website in the live environment.

Futhermore, many critical bugs are not caught by users since they can be transient.


Page Canary is an always online testing solution that learns a website and reports issues.

We built Page Canary using thousands of hours of knowledge with working on real production issues for fourtune 500 companies.

Page Canary has 3 key advantages compared to other solutions on the market today:

Always online

Page Canary is always online and running. This is the only way to be informed of issues in real-time as they occur. Since the bot is always working it can report issues at any time of day.

Constantly learning

Page Canary is learning from the issues it detects on every website. That way it can learn how to detect them on other websites.


Page Canary has no inherent bias and does not get tired. You will see reliable and consistent results every time.

We are excited to launch Page Canary and get it into the hands of millions of users that will benefit from our excited technology.