About Page Canary

Page Canary is an autonomous website quality assurance bot. You can think of it like a robot vacuum for your website. Simply point Page Canary to your website or web application and let it run. Page Canary is unique amoung website testing solutions. We are the only tool that uses AI and web automation to automate the majority of QA tasks.

What it does

  1. Crawl and learn your website
  2. Detect and prioritize any issues
  3. Create detailed steps to reproduce
  4. Delivery an alert to your development team

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What it finds

  1. Broken links
  2. Bad HTTP requests
  3. Spelling errors
  4. SSL issues
  5. And much more

Read more features in our documentation.

How does it compare

Page Canary is better than its competitors because:

  • It's always online working 24/7/365 and never gets tired
  • It's constantly learning and improving so it can adapt to your growing website
  • It's consistent and will always report and detect issues when they are present

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