Notes from coursera self drive car course

Requirements for perception

Driving task

Input => Analyize menvironment and motion => Planning => Output

OEDR = Object and Event Detection and Response

What is perception?

Making sense of the environment and ourselves. Understand what

Perception goals

Object detection

  • Static objects

    • Buttons
  • Dynamic objects

    • Moving elements

Ego localization

  • Position
  • Viewport
  • URL

Perception challenges

  • Detection and segmentation is not always reliable.
  • Access to large datasets is critical.

Driving decisions and actions


Making decisions

  • Long term

  • Short term

  • Immediate

Rule based planning

Rules that take into account the current state and other objects and give decisions.

Reactive planning

Predictive planning

Make predictions on how other agents will move over time, then use predictions to inform decisions.